Sassa Toddler- Full Jaquard WCSSC

Sassa Toddler- Full Jaquard WCSSC
  • Sasaa

    (Blue background with cream rabbits)



    Have you been considering going organic lately, or are already pro-organic? Look no further! We have just the product for you. Our latest range of 100% organic cotton carriers will blow your mind away, combining tradition, innovation and science with breathtaking beauty.


    Sasaa, a lightweight, plush and extremely cushy Wrap Converted Soft Structured Carrier (WCSSC), is made from a 100% organic cotton Jacquard wrap. It not only makes babywearing absolutely effortless, but also is very classy and attractivewith its adorable cream rabbit pattern over a calming azure background.


    Organic cotton is grown without genetically modifying the crops, without the use of any fertilizers, pesticides, and other synthetic agro-chemicals harmful to the land.

    What are you waiting for? Go Green, Go Organic with our Sasaa WCSSC, and hop ahead with your baby, improving your ecological footprint.


    It is made from superior quality 100% organic cotton yarns, dyed using child-friendly dyes, and woven to medium thickness– especially suited for babywearing. Being extremely lightweight and breathable, this carrier is perfect for tropical and humid climates. Due to its dense weave, it is extremely sturdy and  supportive to both - the wearer and the child, right into toddlerhood!


    Get hold of this luxurious, buttery soft WCSSC, and become a proud owner of a unique, exclusive and yet, absolutely affordable product from Anmol Baby Carriers!!


    The Anmol Wrap is extremely comfortable and snuggle worthy. All you parents/ grandparents/ caregivers will fall in love with the cushy feeling it provides, being able to nurture a warm bond with the child, by not compromising on your freedom and ability to stay active. It is as effective with newborns as it is with toddlers. A work of art, the wrap is lovingly custom designed for Anmol Baby Carriers.


    The wrap is woven with love in India, by craftsmen who have been in the tradition of hand weaving for hundreds of years. When you buy one of these wraps, you help conserve, protect and promote the gorgeous hand woven love affair that India has to offer you! 

    This fabric has been woven with no child labour at any stage, and to encourage the dying art of hand-weaving in India. The wrap has its share of natural nubs and slubs, which is a typical feature of hand woven fabrics. This in no way affects the functionality of the product.


    All Anmol products are known for their matchless designs, and for providing the feeling of weightlessness while wearing your baby. They are so comfortable that your back and shoulders will thank you! 


    The colours in the picture are purely indicative. The actual product might have slight variations in colour and texture when compared to the product photograph.

    Every Anmol Baby Carrier:

    • can be used in both front and back carries
    • is easy to use and comfortable
    • provides an ergonomic M-position seat supporting optimal development for baby’s body
    • can be used from 7-20 kgs 
    • can be used from birth with the use of an  Insert (available separately) 
    • is easy to care for (spot clean with soap and water and is machine washable (when necessary using cold water and air dry)
    • is handmade  
    • is 100 % cotton with baby safe dyes
    • is made with the world’s best Duraflex buckles available. A 3 point safety buckle to prevent accidental opening which includes an elastic belt loop for securing the waist buckle.
    • has soft padded thigh cushioning for baby’s legs and padded shoulders for supremely comfortable babywearing
    • has a 2 way adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap allowing a perfect fit
    • has a padded waist belt to provide great lumbar support
    • has an ergonomically placed side pocket on the hip belt for easy accessibility during front and back carries
    • includes an integrated hood to support your baby’s head while asleep, protect from sun or wind, and allow for comfortable and discreet breastfeeding.

    The M- position – the Safest and best Seating Position for your child with Anmol

    • M-position: orthopedically correct for healthy hip development
    • You are always on the safe side with the M-position as this is the spread-squat position recommended by paediatricians and orthopaedics. In the first few months the seating position of your baby is important, as the spine and pelvis are not yet fully developed. In this position, the hip tilts forwards and the back is perfectly rounded.
    • Always make sure your baby can assu

    • No exchanges or returns accepted for dicounted/specials or products on offer bought during sale. 

    • No exchanges or returns accepted for products under offer. 

    • No exchanges or returns accepted for colour discrepancies and personal choice. 

    • Products sold under Specials may have been used for photography purposes or for trials. 

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