Accessories & Droolers


Our carriers are so gorgeous that your baby is bound to drool all over them. Also babies love to bite on carriers too, it’s inevitable you know! Protect your carrier from dribble and drool and bite marks and give your baby a safe and soft place to chew. Droolers also prolong the life of your carrier and we highly recommend you pick a pair or two today! 

Our Wrap Converted Droolers are made from our gorgeous Handwoven Wraps and are made from high quality organic cotton and natural fibres, dyed with baby Safe dyes which are bound to have great absorbency and adorn gorgeous colours. Our Wrap Converted Droolers are sure to brighten up any Babycarrier!


Our Association with ASDT:

            Anmol is proud to have teamed up with a women’s collective, comprising of under-privileged women beneficiaries of Mumbai based non-profit – Aadhar Skill Development Trust (ASDT). The word ‘Aadhar’ means support in Hindi. ASDT has been established with a mission to enable the lesser privileged women of the society to enhance their quality of life by becoming self - reliant and gaining greater economic stability. ASDT trains these women in the fields of tailoring, Montessori education, beauty services and manufacturing food product. More information on ASDT can be found here –

            Through vocational training programs and several workshops, women are trained to sew professionally. Their professional empowerment & economic independence goes a long way in elevating their social status as equal or sometimes the only breadwinners of the family. The Anmol Droolers have been specially stitched with love by women who have been trained by ASDT.

Wash Instructions:

    a.    Wash in Cold Water
    b.    Preferred – Hand Wash in Salt Water for the First two washes & then Machine Wash.

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