Anmol Ring Slings


Product Description:

The Anmol Wrap Converted Ring Slings are handmade from our gorgeous woven wraps.

Our wraps are made from high quality organic cotton, and/or Superior cotton dyed with baby safe dyes, woven to a medium thickness.

The wraps are hand woven in India with love, with its natural nubs and slubs typical of hand-woven fabrics.


This fabric has been woven with no child labor at any stage, to encourage the dying art of hand-weaving in India. 

The Wrap Converted Ring Slings have been specially made with love by a group of women trained by ASDT.

Anmol Wrap Converted Ring Slings are easy to use and are perfect for newborns until toddlerhood and beyond.

The Anmol Wrap Converted Ring Sling is ideal for newborn babies up until 20kg.

Our Association with ASDT:

Anmol is proud to have teamed up with a women’s collective, comprising of under-privileged women beneficiaries of Mumbai based non-profit – Aadhar Skill Development Trust (ASDT). The word ‘Aadhar’ means support in Hindi. ASDT has been established with a mission to enable the lesser privileged women of the society to enhance their quality of life by becoming self - reliant and gaining greater economic stability. ASDT trains these women in the fields of tailoring, Montessori education, beauty services and manufacturing food product. More information on ASDT can be found here –

Through vocational training programs and several workshops, women are trained to sew professionally. Their professional empowerment & economic independence goes a long way in elevating their social status as equal or sometimes the only breadwinners of the family. The Anmol Wrap Converted Ring Slings have been specially stitched with love by women who have been trained by ASDT.


Washing Instructions

a.       Wash in Cold Water

b.      Shrinks on Washing

c.       Machine Washable

d.      Tie up the rings in a cloth (Suggestion – Socks)

e.      Preferred – Hand Wash in cold water for the first two washes & then Machine Wash

f.    Needs a wash or two to soften up


Instructions for Use:

Threading the Rings:

1.       Place the rings just below your shoulder on the front of your body with the fabric spread out over your shoulder and down your back. It doesn't matter which shoulder you use. Most people however prefer to use the shoulder opposite their dominant hand. So if you are right-handed try placing the rings on your left shoulder first.

2.       Gather the fabric and from the tail end pass the fabric through both the rings from underneath.

3.       Grab the tail end and open and separate the rings wide. Pass the tail over the top ring again and through the bottom ring.

4.       Adjust the fabric between the rings to ensure it pulls tight easily.


Wearing your baby in the Ring Sling:

1.       Lift your baby up and hold your baby high against your free shoulder and support them with one hand.

2.       Slide your free hand underneath the cloth and guide your baby’s legs through.

3.       The bunched fabric should support your baby behind each knee. Place your baby into a natural ‘M’ position (Knees should be higher than your baby’s bottom)

4.       If the rings are not on your shoulder and have slipped down, gently lift your baby and slide the fabric around to adjust the rings.

5.       Supporting your baby with one hand, use the other to lift the top rail up your baby’s back.

6.       While continuing to support your baby, tuck the lower rail up in between to create a seat.

7.       Gently hold your baby closer to you as you tighten along the width of the fabric.

8.       Spread the sling widely across your back and evenly on your shoulder. The fabric should be away from your neck and closer to your upper arm.

9.       Make sure you follow the TICKS rule while babywearing always J


Breastfeeding discreetly in the Ring Sling:

Follow the two t-shirt method. Gently and slowly loosen the fabric by lifting the uppermost ring up carefully, so that baby is lowered a little whilst remaining in the same position. Lift your breast up so your baby is able to latch on without twisting their neck.

Many women find it extremely convenient to happily and safely breastfeed their babies whilst wearing them in the Ring Sling. If you do feel apprehensive, do get in touch with a professional who can help you.

Video Instructions 

Anmol Ring Sling Instruction

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