The Anmol Baby Carrier is an Awesome Gentle way to Babywear your Precious one

You will be pleased to know that you are now looking at India’s First Certified And Tested Ergonomic Baby Carrier. 
Even though Anmol is just a little over a year old, as an award-winning industry leader, (winner of the KidsStop Press Award 2015 for Best Mommy Venture)  the need for gentle and awesome babywearing is a BIG HUGE concern with the design of this carrier. 
Anmol is proud to offer the most gorgeous, easy-to use, versatile, and long-lasting carriers which provide a comfortable, ergonomic method of supporting the precious bond between caregiver and child. 


Anmol SSCs are available in a variety of handwoven/ handprinted options, making them both useful and stylish! Some of the fabrics used have been made especially to adorn this carrier keeping in mind the need for beauty and strength and safety of fabrics and dyes used. 
The canvas is Okeo tex certified and has several options of handwoven/hand-printed as far as possible, to encourage the beauty of the Indian handwoven/hand-worked textile industry.  
Anmol is proud to meet safety standards and norms, and is a business member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA). 
Each carrier is handmade, using the highest quality fabrics and world best buckles (Duraflex brand, especially meant for babycarriers) ensuring the best for your precious one.

The M- position – the safest and best seating position for your child with Anmol

M-position: orthopedically correct for healthy hip development

You are always on the safe side with the M-position as this is the spread-squat position recommended by paediatricians and orthopaedics. In the first few months the seating position of your baby is important, as the spine and pelvis are not yet fully developed. In this position, the hip tilts forwards and the back is perfectly rounded.
Always make sure your baby can assume a relaxed M-position.
Your baby's bottom must be placed down low in the carrier and the knees should be in line with the navel. The back will then be nicely rounded! The base should reach from one knee hollow to the other knee hollow and the legs should not be forced into a split or forced too far apart. Your baby should always lie close to your body and be completely supported.
The M- position is not just healthy and orthopedically correct, but also very comfortable.
This carrier is ideal for babies between 11 kg & 22 kg.

This product complies with ASTM F2236
100% COTTON 


Washing Instructions

Spot clean with soap and water
Machine wash when necessary only. (Use cold water). (Tie up all the Buckles in a Cloth (Suggestion – Socks) and put the entire SSC in a Cloth Bag (Suggestion – Pillow Case))
Air dry

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