Anmol Hand Woven Wraps

The Anmol Handwovens are made with high quality organic cotton, dyed with safe baby dyes, woven to a gsm of 250. These Wraps are hand woven in India with love, with its natural nubs and slubs typical of handwoven fabrics. This fabric has been woven with no child labor at any stage, to encourage the dying art of hand-weaving in India. The Anmol Handwoven Wrap comes in 5 sizes so whether you are using a long wrap for multi-layer carries or shorter wraps for quick ups and downs, our handwoven wraps offer the most versatility of any baby carrier. The Anmol Handwoven Wraps are completely customisable because you can tie them in a wide variety of ways, which helps create the perfect fit for you and your baby.  Newborns and toddlers alike can fit comfortably in a woven wrap.  



•    4.1 or 4.2 meter woven wrap is often called a size 5.  This is the SMALL full length wrap, the best size for petite mamas who are wanting to do the full range of wrapping. You don't have to be petite to enjoy this size.  If you find yourself preferring shorter carries that are still to long to use a shorty, this may be perfect for you.  If your tails are too long when you use a 4.6 meter wrap to do your favorite carries, you will probably be happy with a 4.1 meter length.

•    4.6 or 4.7 meter woven is known as a size 6.  This is the MEDIUM full length wrap (also called Standard) and is the most popular woven wrap size.  It is the size that fits most moms for doing most of the popular wrap carries.  If you want a wrap that allows a petite mom and a larger pop to both have several options, this may be the perfect compromise that will neither drag too long for the mom, nor come up too short for the dad to have some options.

•    5.1 or 5.2 meter woven is called a size 7 wrap.  This is the LARGE full length wrap.  Plus size moms and dads will use this size for all of their full length wrap carries.  It can also be used by someone who normally uses a size 6 but wants more room for tandem babywearing, or doing extra long carries.

•    5.7 meter woven is often called a size 8 woven wrap.  This size is for full length carries for those who wear larger than a size 24 dress size (US) and should work well, for example, for a parent or caregiver who is in the range of 5'10 and 300 lbs. For reference, most popular brands of stretchy wrap are one-size-fits-all, and that size is around 5.5 meters.  Just about a size 8.

•    6.0 meter wrap is available in some of the wrap brands, and is a great option for parents who find a size 8 to be not quite enough.  You may need a larger wrap if you don't have enough tail to loosen your carry down for nursing, for example. 

Washing Instructions

a.    Wash in Cold Water

b.    Shrinks on Washingc.    Preferred – Hand Wash in Salt Water for the First two washes & then Machine Wash.

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