“The Awesomely Indian Collection is India inspired - whether it's the unique fabrics or unique weaves with natural dyed and printed fabrics - India is vibrant rich colorful and delightful just like this collection. So beautiful, you would want one wrap each from the Awesomely Indian collection." Our hybrid wraps are super supportive and extremely lightweight. The perfect baby-shower gift as the Anmol Hybrid Wrap is perfect for newborns and can be used up until toddler-hood (15kgs). With the Anmol hybrid wrap you will get to experience the snugness of a stretchy wrap and the support of a woven wrap all at the same time. An amazingly soft wrap that is super supportive and has a little bit of stretch to it as well. The stretch makes the Anmol hybrid wrap easy to use and the support means you can use it for a lot longer than a stretchy wrap.



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How to Use the Anmol Hybrid Wrap

Anmol Hybrid Wrap | Stretchy + Woven Baby Wraps Online India | Baby Wrap Carrier India, Anmol hybrid wraps offer the best of both worlds - snugness of a stretchy wrap and the support of a woven wrap all at the same time!'

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