Founder’s Story

An architect by profession. I have two sons aged 11.5 & 7.5 yrs.


This is my story of Anmol, and how it all happened!


        I started the search for a comfortable way to baby wear soon after I had Miit (my first born). The manual of the  LLLI “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.” mentioned that some African tribes wear their babies and the baby feeds every 15 / 25 minutes or so whilst the mother goes about her daily routine and the baby seldom cried because they were so content and happy as the mother was able to respond extremely well to her baby’s cues and the baby thrived and put on weight easily.  I wanted to baby wear too.


        The best I could manage was with a front pack baby carrier, which was painful to use.  And so I discarded it after one use. Because I was very in tune with giving my baby a lot of nurturing, breastfeeding, skin to skin etc., I was making myself more and more aware of the benefits of baby wearing.


        After much reading, here is what I found. “A group of newborn-care specialists in South America made an ingenious discovery. Some hospitals could not afford incubators and all the technology needed to care for premature babies. They were forced to use the mother. These preemies were wrapped around their mothers in a sling like wrap, a custom called “packing.” To everyone’s amazement, the babies thrived as well as, or even better than, the technologically cared-for babies. That compelled me to look for a good, comfortable babywearing carrier; to my huge disappointment, I couldn’t find one!


        Fast forward to pregnancy #2 and I was keenly searching for a comfortable, pain free way to babywear all over again. Now the focus was on having a quiet baby while also taking care of his/her elder sibling.  And to find a carrier so that, I could hold my baby close, really close, without my baby dangling on the carrier, instead of up against me! (like the pictures of the front pack carriers). The second requirement was that the carrier was one that was kind to my baby, my back, and my shoulders, and all of baby and me!  I still couldn’t find it. Dev (my second) was out. And I still didn’t find a carrier that met all of my requirements. At last, luck was in store for me. At my breastfeeding support group, a visiting mum showed us the Wrap she had as a means of babywearing, I instantly fell in love with it. Tried it and thought, “Wow!! My search ends here.  I have to find one for myself.” But, unfortunately I didn’t!


        So after understanding what that was and many months of trying to figure out the hows, wheres, whens, ifs and buts, I finally made my own with the help of a friend. I remember I started dancing with my baby in it because I finally had something that was kind on me and my baby.  I didn’t feel the weight of the baby at all. It just met me and my baby’s needs perfectly, kept my baby close enough for me to understand all of his cues.  I used to go for a one hour walk with my baby in the wrap every evening.  And it was so delightful for me and the baby, of course!


        All the relentless effort was worth it because my baby and I were the happiest in it. Being perfectionists about certain things as architects usually are, the Wrap made complete sense to me as a fabulous ergonomic babywearing system.


        It did take tremendous effort to make it here, since these were unavailable in India. And my friends at La Leche League in Mulund, Mumbai and Dr Manisha Gogri (my dear friend, LLLI leader and Lactation consultant) urged me and encouraged me to make more, and I do now! For any parent who asks for it.  I want all my efforts to be of use to others who are in the same line of thought and I really want other moms and babies to benefit. So I have decided to actually make them available for other moms. They go by the name of Anmol Hybrid Wrap – For a Precious Bond. One thing led to another and Anmol went from just hybrid wraps to Soft Structured Babycarriers and toddler carriers to woven wraps to ring slings. All carriers are in tune with gentle and awesome babywearing and a lot of work goes into selecting the right fibres, ensuring your child’s safety and creating and developing the best carriers with amazing designs! We are in a continuous research process to ascertain that babywearing is absolutely safe, accessible :) and to make sure you get it too!