About Us

Children and mothers never truly part -

Bound in the beating of each other's heart.

-- Charlotte Gray


And that is where we keep them,closest to your heart & touched by your soul, Anmol Baby brings the joy ofparenting with the convenience of not loosing yourself. We facilitate you tolive life well with your baby. Of course your heart is the place, and carryingyour child with comfort is our responsibility.

With many things in the to-do listwe value your child as your priority, and have brought a great gift for the newage parents. Babywearing actually allows parents to keep the baby close andhave two free hands to go about their everyday routine while nurturing andtaking care of their baby. 100% Cotton & Organic Cotton wraps for yournewborn. Anmol SSC is the first Indian Ergonomic Soft structured Carrier withInternational safety certifications that ensures what has reached you is nothingbut the best for you and your baby.


             Being afirst time mom can be an overwhelming feeling. Having a little baby, whoconstantly needs your attention, whilst having a million other things to do,often leaves moms in a dilemma. They feel suffocated as they can’t tend to theother tasks at hand while carrying the baby everywhere. Anmol was created tohelp moms feel at ease. It started with the need for moms to be able to comfortablykeep the baby close to them while not being restricted and having the freedom togo about their daily routine.

Our Associationwith ASDT:

Anmol is proud to have teamed upwith a women’s collective, comprising of under-privileged women beneficiariesof Mumbai based non-profit – Aadhar Skill Development Trust (ASDT). The word‘Aadhar’ means support in Hindi. ASDT has been established with a mission toenable the lesser privileged women of the society to enhance their quality oflife by becoming self - reliant and gaining greater economic stability. ASDTtrains these women in the fields of tailoring, Montessori education, beautyservices and manufacturing food product. More information on ASDT can be found here– www.aadharskilldevelopment.org

Through vocational trainingprograms and several workshops, women are trained to sew professionally. Theirprofessional empowerment & economic independence goes a long way inelevating their social status as equal or sometimes the only breadwinners ofthe family. Anmol has approached ASDT and a few of our products have beenstitched with love these women who have been trained by ASDT.



            Apart fromASDT. Anmol is also proud to have partnered with the Hand-loom Co-operatives forcarriers that are hand woven in India with love, with no childlabour at any stage and encourages the dying art of hand-weaving in India. Our wovenwraps are woven by award winning craftsmen who come from a family tradition ofhandweaving across hundreds of years. We at Anmol are proud to be associating thegentle craft of love and handwoven textiles with babywearing.  We are alsoproud to be associated with the Traditional Craft Societies and Local award winningCraftsmen that lend their skill towards our gorgeous hand-blocked wraps.

Babywearing is an effortless way of meeting your baby's instinctive needs of love, affection, bonding and security. Sincere commitment to babywearing and to producing high quality carriers, without compromising on design is what has made Anmol Baby Carriers a genuinely loved and followed brand of baby carriers.  

Anmol Baby is committed to designing and producing only the highest quality, ethically produced, following Fair Trade practices - baby wraps, ring slings, baby carriers & handwoven accessories. Ensuring we use methods & processes to produce handwoven fabrics which are ecologically sensitive and that energise craft communities. 

We work with a group of highly skilled artisan weavers and craftsmen/ craftswomwn from All over India  to create unique hand crafted goods. 

Every item purchased from Anmol Baby not only supports the artisans, but helps to develop the Indian craft community. 

When you purchase one of our carriers, you automatically help conserve, protect and promote the gorgeous hand woven love affair that India has to offer you! At the same time, it provides a means of livelihood for the highly skilled artisan weavers and their families. 

• Anmol Baby Carriers is honoured to be associating the gentle craft of love and handwoven textiles with babywearing, by partnering with Handloom Co-operatives for carriers that are hand-woven in India, with no child labour at any stage. Our woven wraps are hand-woven by award winning craftsmen who come from a family tradition of hand weaving across generations. 

• We are proud to have partnered with Adhar Skill Development Trust, a non-profit organization involved in educating and providing technical skills to women from the lower economic strata to pursue a skill set. This will in turn become a catalyst for change in their economic status. 

• Anmol Baby Carriers is India’s First Certified and Tested Ergonomic Baby Carrier brand, and a proud business member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA). The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance exists to increase awareness of the value of quality baby carriers and to support those in the baby carrier industry. 

• We donate a portion of our proceeds to a breastfeeding support group, Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India. 

• Even though Anmol Baby Carriers is just almost three years old, as an award-winning industry leader [winner of the KidsStop Press Award 2015 for Best Mommy Venture, nominated for the KidsStop Press Award 2017 for Best Social Enterprise Working With Women & Children (results pending)], the need for gentle and awesome babywearing is, and will always be a priority. 

The moment you bring home any product from us, you are not only enriching your collection with exquisite handmade wearable art, but also are a part of a genuine effort to bring about a colossal change in this world! 

We are grateful for your interest in Anmol Baby Carriers, and for your sincere support.